What Is This Plant App?

Every day, PictureThis® correctly detects over 1,000,000 plants, outperforming most human experts by 98 percent. With PictureThis’s plant identification capabilities, you may get answers to your gardening queries and develop a “green thumb.” During your stroll, did you come across a gorgeous, undiscovered plant?

Similarly, Is there a free app that identifies plants?

PlantNet is our top selection for a plant identification software that is completely free. PlantNet advertises itself as a “biodiversity citizen science initiative.” It relies on users to build a botanical database, and the user has the last say on whether the plant listed is a match.

Also, it is asked, Can I use Google to identify a plant?

With Google Lens, you can use your camera to recognize real-world things and learn about plants, animals, monuments, restaurants, brands, and more.

Secondly, Is PlantSnap really free?

PlantSnap is now available for free on Android and iOS! Users of the free edition may obtain fast assistance recognizing flowers, trees, and other plant buddies.

Also, Is Picture This plant app free?

The free edition comes with some free credits that may be used to shoot a few plants. Users may pay for an infinite number of credits by upgrading to a premium account. It is possible to maintain a free account, but users must check in, view ads, or share photographs with friends in order to earn further free credits.

People also ask, Do plant ID apps work?

PictureThisTM (97.3 percent correct to genus, 83.9 percent to species) and iNaturalistTM were the most accurate two applications for leaf identification (92.3 percent accurate to genus, 69.6 percent to species). These findings show that smartphone applications may substantially assist novices get to genus-level identification quickly.

Related Questions and Answers

How accurate is PlantSnap?

At the time of study, the percentage accuracy on several plant identifications (typically in the 30- to 40-percent range) wasn’t fully comforting. The software records when and where you took the plant images, allowing you to create a customized library of your flower and plant discoveries.

Can I take a picture and have Google identify it?

The Google Goggles app was a mobile image recognition tool that used visual search technologies to identify items using the camera on a smartphone. When a user takes a picture of a physical thing, Google searches for and obtains information about it.

Can I take a picture and search it on Google?

Go to images.google.com for more information. Look for a picture. Select the picture by tapping it. Tap Visually search this picture in the upper right corner.

What does PlantSnap cost?

PlantSnap is available on Android for free and for $3.99 for iOS. You must snap sharp, clear images of only a few leaves or a single bloom for the app’s artificial intelligence system to work (no whole trees). The program then examines the snapshot and assists you in quickly identifying your plant.

What is PlantSnap app?

PlantSnap is the world’s most advanced, comprehensive, and accurate plant identification app! Identify 90 percent of all known plant and tree species. Our searchable database contains over 600,000 plants. Identify 90 percent of all known plant and tree species.

How do I delete Picture this plant identifier app?

You may also cancel a membership by navigating to your device’s App Store. Tap your profile symbol in the top right corner of the App Store app. Tap Subscriptions on your account page, then pick the active subscription you wish to cancel. Confirm your selection by clicking the Cancel Subscription link.

Does Picture this app identify trees?

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS – PLANT IDENTIFIER This program will not only help you identify your plants with a photo from your iPhone, but it will also provide you with watering suggestions and reminders! .

How much does Picture this plant app cost?

Are plant ID Apps Safe?

The majority of plant identifiers, such as PlantSnap, iNaturalist, [email protected], and Agrobase, are extremely dependable and have received positive feedback from their users.

How does the plant app work?

The program, called PlantNet, is essentially an image search engine that can be used to assist users identify flowers and plants with only a few clicks of their phone. Users assist in identifying and adding information about the quality of photographs and plants by working with images from a large data store obtained by Plant Net.

Is Nature ID free?

NatureID Premium gives you unrestricted access to all of the app’s features: Subscriptions are invoiced on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, depending on the subscription plan selected. Unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current term, the subscription will automatically renew.

Is there an app to identify anything?

To recognize anything, the Identify Anything app combines the power of artificial intelligence (A.I.) with deep machine learning.

How do I search by image on my iPhone?

Open the Photographs app on your iPhone and utilize the Search icon in the bottom right corner to look for photos. Thanks to the phone’s artificial intelligence, you may search by date, location, and picture content. You may also use the browse option in the Photo app to locate images by people, location, category, and other criteria.

A reverse-image search solution is also available in the Chrome browser app for iOS and Android. Hold your finger on the picture you wish to search until a pop-up menu opens, then choose “Search Google for This Image” at the bottom.

How can I identify a plant on my iPhone for free?

PlantSnap is the app for you. It uses the machine-learning foundation built into iOS to immediately identify more than 300,000 plant, flower, and tree species. All you have to do now is snap a picture. To identify a plant, just take a picture of it.

How do I identify my plant?

How to Recognize a Plant Take note of the climate and location. Take note of the stems and branches. Take note of the leaf size and shape. Take a look at the leaf arrangement. Take note of the fruits and flowers. Look for thorns, barbs, or hairs. Take note of the odor. Examine the foundations.

How do I use Google Lens on screen?

Google Lens is available via Google Photos. On most Android phones, Google Assistant is available Get more information about your photographs and take action on them. Open the Google Photos app on your Android phone or tablet. Choose a photograph. Lens may be tapped. Check the facts, take action, or look for comparable goods based on your picture.

What is the best plant identifier app for iPhone?

LeafSnap is the most accurate plant identification app available. It’s easy to use. Very precise.

How do I identify my houseplant?

PlantSnap, our app, is an excellent go-to solution for recognizing plants. Using a photo-identification technique, this app recognizes flowers and foliage. Although it takes some skill to frame the shot right, the software is good for quickly recognizing houseplants.

How do I contact PlantSnap?

COLLECTIONS OF PLANT LIFE To make arrangements, email [email protected]ns.org.


The “best free plant identification app 2021” is a great app for identifying plants. The app has over 40,000 species of plants and allows users to take photos of their plants.

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